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Biography of Novelist and thinker PhD./ Abeer Almadawy

* In brief;
Full Name: Abeer Raafat Almadawy
Nationality: Egyptian
Birth: 1/ April/1970
City/birth / Alexandria
Job: Novelist, Journalist, and entrepreneur
* Full Biography in depth;
Abeer Almadawy, you can pronounce such as Aber Elmeadawy, she is a famous novelist, Writer, journalist, entrepreneur, and professor…founder and owner of 2 big companies.
Was born in Alexandria city - Egypt, on April 1, 1970- now she lives in Giza province
She belongs to a big famed family in Egypt and enjoys her title… While her deep Irish roots from her mother's side and Turkish roots from her father’s s gave her special empowerment for the need to be more humanitarian.
So this mixture of different cultures feeds her talent since her first talent.
* Education certificates :
- Bachelor of Arts and Education, Department of English Language
- Master in English Literature- in Drama
- Master of Philosophy in Cartesian abstract realism
- Degree/Ph.D. in Philosophy of the Electronic cinematic Mass Communication
(( The philosophy of the Physical m pact of global unified forces of media (( the centric and un-centric approaches of media ))

* Occupation;
- Novelist and writer-journalist
- Entrepreneur as she leads and invests in a number of businesses companies such as;
- Founder, owner, and CEO of Castle Journal British Company LTD
for the international specific journalism
- Founder, Owner, and CEO of Castle Orientation Holding Corp. LTD
- Chairman of the Board of Directors and Editor-in-Chief of the International Castle Journal newspapers and magazines

literary Works ;
Abeer Almadawy started to write stories early at 10 and her first award was at the age of thirteen. She applied to the junior high school contest for stories and she entered two long stories "The curse, when fell" and "My way in life", winning first prize.
She was titled the youngest storyteller as she published her first book of stories collected at the age of 16 with the title “ Cry of conscience”.
No, soon Abeer Almdawy found her way into writing novels and stories in both Arabic and English languages.
And could publish her books that succeeded in most of the international books Exhibition, especially in KSA and Gulf countries as well as North Africa, the USA, the UK, and Chile.
Her works now are translated into Chinese.

Published in books
* The Embrace of Thorns
* Way of Passion
* The foreigner's Island
* The paradise of Coma
* Won't go back to the dry river
* The rings of light
* Suicide with Love
* Habiba returns to the wise king
The masters, The Owners
The Closure fall
Collections of stories
* Cry of conscience
* Not Me, 2011
* During our Voyeurism
* Al-taa is preaching
* behind the yard of memories

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